Facebook Content Must Be Regulated to Make It Better

Face Content Social media networks like Facebook are providing free platforms for people to connect with their friends. Almost 2.2 billion people all around the world are using Facebook. Along with the benefits of these social media sites, there are also some downsides. One of the major downsides of these social media sites is that they have opened the doors for the extremists. It means that these social media sites are becoming the cause of flourishing fake news and disinformation in societies. If you want to create better content for Facebook, you should make sure that it should be regulated. CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has taken action against the fake news and disinformation. According to a PhD dissertation writing service, he has asked that Facebook content must be regulated in the following four areas;

Harmful Content:

Facebook has provided a right to all the users that they can raise their voices. They have the right to raise their voices in different forms like sharing experiences and growing movements etc. Along with providing right of freedom, Facebook has also realized that it is their responsibility to keep the users safe. It means that Facebook makes such policies and rules that are helpful for people to keep them away from the terrorist propaganda and hate speeches. For the effectiveness of the content on Facebook, they are also working with the local governments. Facebook and officials of the local government will be able to prepare such rules which ensure the effectiveness of the content. No doubt, it is difficult for the Facebook to remove all the harmful content but by enforcing policies and rules against the harmful content, it is possible for them to remove a huge amount of the harmful content from the internet.

Understand The Importance Of Legislation:

According to Facebook, no one can deny the importance of legislation for protecting the elections. That’s why Facebook has also created some hard rules against the election campaigns. According to Facebook, if a political party or a political leader wants to buy Facebook ads, he should have to verify his identity. After identifying his identity, it is also necessary for him to verify common standards of personality. Some countries have made laws about online election campaigns. If candidates of these countries want to run Facebook ads, they have to fulfil all the legal requirements. Most of the people ask that how Facebook uses data to run political campaigns of a candidate. The answer to this question is that it is done by following the rules of legislation of that country. Anyhow, if you want to make some changes in these laws, you will have to approve these laws from the legislation.

Effective Privacy and Data Protection Framework:

While using Facebook, lots of people are facing problems regarding privacy and data protection. That’s why people around the world require comprehensive privacy and data protection rules on Facebook. The solution to this problem is in following the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It provides a common framework for the people for the protection of privacy and framework. By following the European Union’s GDPR, new privacy protection should be built in all around the world. After preparing these rules, all the countries should provide information about these rules to all social media sites. By following these rules, social media sites will be responsible for the safety of the privacy and data protection of the users. According to the CEO of Facebook, he is also expecting such a global framework that will be helpful for them to protect the users all around the world.

Principle of Data Portability:

All social media sites should provide data portability for people. It means that if a user has shared any kind of information on one social media platform, he should have the right to share that data to another social media site. This kind of rule will encourage people to be innovative and to compete with other people in the world. Some other rules about the safety of the internet should also be prepared. For example, while using Facebook, if we find a link of an app and we download it, who will be responsible for this act. CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has demanded that there should be rules for this act. In these rules, it should be clearly stated that either the social media site is responsible for the safety of the people or owner of this app is responsible for the safety of the users. By regulating these rules against data protection, we will be able to create a safe environment on the internet.