Joining the Internet in the mid 90's.

Before consumer internet service was available, you needed an academic or business account.

Story Time. Joining the Internet in the mid 90's.

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My first access to the internet was via an academic server, running Irix on a Silicon Graphics machine. They were pretty, with some purple details and very modern design. We low grade users did not have physical access of course, but the Irix command line was quite enjoyable, I learned all the basic operations of the Internet (that was pre-Web days) via command line utilities.

Pine for email. Gopher was cutting edge stuff. FTP to download text and binaries, program files from remote servers. Telnet , to access another Unix system in Colorado were I had a free shell account - the very first one I ever had.

At first, I would Dial Up into the modem pool from home, connect via ppp, login with my friend's credentials (he was already a uni student, I became one there later too).

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Screenshot of the Nyx About this Server page

And How To get a Shell account.

On my first or second day there, sharing his account, I found myself this neat system in Colorado. It was a home for me for a long time, and it is still running.

Loved Nyx! We accessed it remotely at, via Telnet or SSH, using a secure shell protocol client programs.

They are STILL there now, the Join Nyx page STILL offer free accounts, command line Unix Shell access only.

Originally posted as Toots in a Mastodon instance. I wanted to create a Blog post about this, the story is just too nice to be lost.

Screenshot of the Nyx How to Join Server page. (2 of 2)

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