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Windows 10 FREE upgrade for Registered users !

Free upgrade for any Activated Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 system still Available!

Is it Important, which Instance you are in?

A conversation over the Mastodon network itself, how do Instances differ and which is for you?

Guia de Usuarios en Español para Write.freely

Tradución en Español del Guia WriteFreely de

How write.freely New User's Guide was made.

A letter to a friend describing how a new Blog version of a DocuWiki userguide was made

Yule and Solstice Season Greetings

In the Darkest time of the year, many civilizations have celebrated the turn and the promise of Spring.

A Felicidade é... Happiness is... La Felicidad es...

How simple things can be true happiness.

Story Time : How I got started in Computer Networking

Dialing up was the only way. Bulletin Board Systems, BBSes, where The Scene.

Joining the Internet in the mid 90's.

Before consumer internet service was available, you needed an academic or business account.

To Help new users set up, "Todon 101"

General advice for new Todon users, includes a surprising new find -- Trunk

STEM ≥ Prussian Blue in the Art of Japan

A gentle note to our fellow QOTO users.

Suggestions to reduce cluttering on our instance's timelines