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Those who know my homepage about my D&D character Naldela Isur'Ra Teleyal probably know what I'm talking about. It's about me paying artists to draw a picture of my character. Often these pictures are not quite cheap, which you can see from their quality. I am often asked why I do this. That's actually quite simple:

  1. I like to write about something I can see
  2. I just buy less expensive consoles and video games
  3. I like the art and also to be able to watch how a picture is created
  4. The artist also earns his money with it
  5. I can make a nice homepage with it and write a text to it
  6. A picture gives the character a more credible appearance
  7. The artists I commission are sympathetic to me

In a MMORPG "Community" I have caused so much envy with the pictures that it came to mobbing, which ended only mildly. Where they fired their money into housing, accessories and other useless junk for their superficial, loveless and script-based plots, I took the money and time to create a character that is credible, profound and "palpable". I believe that they have simply forgotten what role-playing is 🤷‍

I also got known new communities. Communities that are thankful, artists that interact with their fans, communities that don't eat away at envy, start out backstabbing to mobbing and spreading lies (even MMORPG-overarching), but can be happy for someone who has been lucky enough to engage the artist.