My impression of the scenes on the Internet

After about 20 years of internet I have already come through many a "scene". From the small nerd-groups to the big IT-communities, from the gamer to the artists. In each of these groups there was always something that made me reorient myself, or at least reduce my activity to a minimum.

The Nerds

There is actually hardly anything to be put out there. Mostly small groups that prefer to stay on their own (meanwhile I also know why) and with their knowledge and skills can really do very cool things with the internet. Unfortunately there are here and there, as in many other groups, one or more individuals who think they are better than everyone else and would like to have a dictatorial structure with them as leaders.

The IT Communities

It has a lot in common with the Nerd group, but with far less knowledge and skill. But with an even bigger ego. In most cases, dictatorial structures have already established themselves here via a forum system in which everything about the status moderator does what it wants, without wanting to live with the consequences. In these groups one finds again and again the excuse of the house right "My forum, my rules, that's how simple it is", which is used even if it is proven to be wrong in a discussion and they don't want to see it.

The artists

I basically got into this group through the "gamer" when I created the character Naldela Isur'Ra Teleyal for a role-playing game. Since I was very enthusiastic about creating the character as detailed as possible from earlier Dungeons&Dragons times, I couldn't miss pictures, of course. Since it's not easy to avoid copyright lawsuits nowadays, I hired an artist, which brought me into their communities. Contrary to their alleged reputation that artists are mostly totally conceited, they are amazingly communicative and their communities are mostly very friendly and peaceful. As long as you stay with the English-speaking community. In the case of the German-speaking communities, I am more than unsure about the connections to the "gamer scene" because of various links between different "artists" or those who want to be an "artist". If you want to make your own pictures of an artist communities, I can highly recommend sylessae, IndiCreates and slauka. Maybe I can publish links to the corresponding Discord servers via DM, after I have clarified if I'm allowed to. For example, the discord server of June Jenssen is reserved for Patreon supporters.

The gamer

woof ... here I don't even know how to start. Clearly the worst and if you have the possibility, you should avoid them. Envy and jealousy end here gladly in Mobbing on all possible platforms. On Twitter, Facebook, in the game itself, or in the case of MMOs, also across games. Wherever they can find you. A conscience is sought in vain as well as regret in this species. Even in a suicide case, caused by the mobbing of the scene, not even rudimentary. The digital tail comparison and self-esteem in this scene is determined by higher numbers. For Twitter "Likes" and "Retweets", for Steam the number of games in the library, for ego shooters, where the word "ego" is to be taken literally, the number of kills and so on. Also from these numbers the ego of the person is determined and how he deals with "smaller". The thicker the ego, the higher the probability that he has more than one suicide on his non-existent conscience. Unfortunately, the "role-player" is also included here when it comes from MMORPG games. Here the standard is set additionally in how much money is put into the MMORPG, be it housing, mounts, clothes, ... If someone has a different commitment, like the credibility of his character, he is sometimes so bullied that his name/nick is even dragged into the mud in other MMORPGs, to prevent that he will also find in these games role-playing. The gamer likes to invent his own language. Mostly even so far that he is not able to communicate with others in correct German. Sayings like "rly? cmon, das macht man so nicht" or "I bims, 1 {please insert a megalomaniac word here}, vong {please also insert a megalomaniac word here} her" are not rare with the individual with missing moral intelligence. Likewise this makes no difference between moral as well as semi-skilled intelligence. If he has e.g. an high school graduation, he is intelligent, in his opinion. If one would like to observe such individuals, a live-stream on twitch of one or more live-streamers of computer games is recommended. Either the german streamer's intelligence has already gone missing and he sees his viewers only as $ signs, or his "community", which the streamer looks down on so proudly, seems to have nothing better to do during the day than to run his head against the wall. A very good test for the loss of language in such would-be artists is to ask them for the German word for "upload" or "download". You will either get a stupid face (ok, you get one way or the other) or an answer like "Why? It's already German". About the resolution: "(her)runter laden" and "hoch laden". This people also likes to boast about achievements that are not their own. A very good example for this are the demonstrations around article 13 (now article 17), also known as upload filter, where some people still had the feeling that they had fought long and well. But if we summarize, we know that the gamer from such communities may have "done" something for only 2 months, while others have been trying to do something about it for 3, 4 years. By the way, these are also the people who either laughed at those who warned about the article years ago or even harassed them. Perfect Gamer, you won the golden useless one!

The Dungeon Masters

The group of Dungeon Masters is very close to the group of Nerds. They are online only at the "underground", don't try to fall on their heads and prefer to tinker with their characters. The role-playing game offered here ranges from the simple "drink in the bar until you drop" to dungeon sessions lasting several days, led by a dungeon master. A very shy little race, since they were already "back then" trampled underfoot. Here you'll mostly meet enthusiasm, the more detailed a character is worked out. Envy and jealousy are usually only to be found in role-playing. For this group of individuals, the Internet with its communication possibilities is a blessing, as they can now find together worldwide.

The Streamer

Here I made my experiences mainly in the German area. I'm sure it's the same in other countries, but definitely not in everyone. Interestingly, the Americans turned out to be the friendliest here. However, I have to praise the Russian art streamers here as well. Whereby on the whole, with a few exceptions, which also fall into the category of gamer, the community around art is one of the most grateful and friendly communities so far. You can hardly find envy here, at most for a few seconds, when the artist has opened his "commissions" and someone who absolutely wanted a slot didn't get one. But as written, that's only a few seconds. During my observations with German live streamers ... You can imagine in which category? Right: Gambling. Apparently the only thing they seem to have at all, besides their ridiculous nonsense, which they do in front of the camera. Here one or the other live streamer would probably come and scream "I have high school graduation, I'm not stupid!" and probably let his trolls loose on the writer of the lines, which execute every command of their leader like brainless zombies without questioning them even once. Some of these German live straw-heads also fire their trolls to ignore any moral boundaries, which cause more than once into suicide. Again, the digital tail comparison is made across most lemmings, like, retweets, and so on. The higher the number of the following posts, the higher the chance that they don't know their limits! Neither the streamer, nor the lemmings. And you have to admit that if the streamer is still small, it can offer a pleasant company. I can only recommend meldrian and hatnix. Both streamers are very down-to-earth, respond well to the chat and offer a pleasant ambience to simply switch off in the evening. Meldrian's streamplan is unfortunately a bit irregular, at Hatnix you can look forward to regular streams.